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Choose Your Own Adventure (holder, not the game)

Marco’s Suprise Party is a choose-your-own-adventure story. In this story, you’re the main character and you are planning a super secret surprise birthday party for your best friend, Marco. You want to keep Marco from finding out about his party while you pick up supplies and prepare. Can you do everything before Marco figures out what’s happening?

How can libraries use this resource? This story provides youth an opportunity to learn about privacy issues with mobile devices, and is intended for tweens and teens (ages 11-15). Library staff may incorporate this game into existing programming that covers technology use. The escape room can be completed individually or as a group. For the English version of the story, there is an audio file for each page that will read the text out loud, then let the reader select their path. The story allows readers to go back and change their choice or start over if they want to try a different path.