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Go over and join in the dance

Sam and Kenya are going over the dance steps one more time. The routine is familiar to you, similar to one the Dance Team performed at the last competition. They’ve incorporated a couple of new moves and you’re quickly figuring them out. They always wear coordinating outfits for these dances; Sam is rocking some new pink, black, and white sneaks and Kenya is fixing the new pink strands in their locks. Sam throws you a pink and white t-shirt to throw over your clothes. 

Jess, one of your friends from school, is setting up to film. “Hurry up, before security makes us move!” Someone cues the music, and the three of you flawlessly perform the routine. “Dang, good job catching up!” Kenya exclaims. 

Catching up… oh man, you’re going to be late! “Ya, I’ll see you at the house later for the party!” You run to GameStop and realize the last gold controller is gone. Ugh, if only you hadn’t gotten distracted! You grab the Hello Kitty controller and pay for it. Just then, you get a text from Marco: 

Text: Saw you dancing on TikTok. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to the mall? We could’ve gone together, I really wanted to grab that new PS5 game that just dropped!”

You quickly text back: “Sorry, was just grabbing a new controller real quick, little sis broke one of mine. See ya later!” Man, that was close! You decide that you can’t afford to get distracted again as you look at your watch: you’re supposed to be meeting your mom right now. Dude, she’s gonna be mad! You book it to the food court to meet her.