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Mrs. Park’s Home

Mrs. Park, the mom of one of your friends from school, has her own in-home baking business. She makes all sorts of baked goods: pastries, cookies, brownies, you name it, she bakes it! But what she’s really known for are unique and delicious cakes, which is why you ordered from her. It also helps that she’s only 3 houses down the street from you. “I’ll wait here in the car,” says mom. 

You walk into the house, and are greeted by the smell of vanilla and sugar. “Mmmmm… I can’t wait until it’s cake time!” you think, as you look at the orders lined up on the table to your right. You see a box of brownies, a mountain of cookies wrapped in purple cellophane, and a large plate of breakfast pastries. What you don’t see is Marco’s cake.

“Oh hello, sorry to keep you waiting! I was just pulling another cake out of the oven.” Mrs. Park says, as she walks into the foyer. “Here is the cake you ordered for your friend! I just finished decorating it, so the icing is very fresh. Make sure you carry it carefully!” Mrs. Park hands you a: