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Additional Resources for Crafting your Library Policy

Below, you’ll find additional resources that should prove useful in crafting your library’s privacy policies. This includes links to the library policies included in the examples and more information about the ALA Privacy Toolkit.

Links to Library Policies Used in this Document

The following links include some of the library privacy policies that were used to develop this privacy policy. 

Additional Resources About Patron Privacy


The resources listed here are provided to aid you in your search for additional tools and information on how to protect patron privacy. Their inclusion is not an endorsement by our research team.  

  • OCLC is a global library cooperative that provides resources to the library community. The WebJunction Policies page offers examples of policies from a variety of libraries, as well as webinars such as this one on developing library policy.
  • Library Records, Patron Privacy, and Library Policies is an article on the Public Libraries Online about developing library policies around patron privacy and library records.
  • The Library Freedom Project is an organization that provides librarians and their communities with privacy literacy resources, such as bookmarks with tips on protecting privacy and a guide for protecting yourself from online harassment.

ALA Privacy Toolkit

The ALA Privacy Toolkit provides several resources on how to develop a new privacy policy or update an existing policy. Resources like the Guidelines and Checklists are useful to ensure all areas of the library are covered in the library. Our privacy policy framework focuses specifically on library staff’s interactions with patrons and covers many of the day to day privacy risks patrons face.